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Unique parallel unloading by NSR General Administration FSBI and Atomflot FSUE 14.03.2023

Unique parallel unloading by NSR General Administration FSBI and Atomflot FSUE

Unique parallel unloading by NSR General Administration FSBI and Atomflot FSUE

NSR General Administration FSBI, together with Atomflot FSUE and shipowners unloaded the cargo from two vessels in parallel on the fast ice of the Yenisei River near Cape Tanalau.


The specialists developed an icebreaking assistance pattern and ensured a safe approach of vessels to the place of unloading. The vessels were assisted by two nuclear-powered icebreakers (Ural and Taimyr), as well as Admiral Makarov, a diesel-powered icebreaker. More than 4.5 thousand tons of cargo (caterpillar vehicles, car-houses, supports and pipes for the construction of the main oil pipeline) were unloaded from the Utrenny (2.8 thousand tons of cargo) and Grigory Shelikhov (1.8 thousand tons of cargo) as part of this operation. These cargoes are necessary for the construction of the main oil pipeline connecting the fields with the Bukhta Sever port for the subsequent export of oil along the waters of the Northern Sea Route.


The operation is unique because vessels unloading on fast ice implies advance preparation of the ice platform by making special cuts. Berthing a ship at fast ice requires masterly skills of the ships crews, since any wrong movement can lead to irreversible consequences.


In the future, 16 new berths on the Yenisei will ensure uninterrupted supplies for the large-scale Vostok Oil project. In total, during the winter navigation, 300,000 tons of materials and equipment are planned to be brought over along the Northern Sea Route for the construction of Vostok Oil project facilities.



The Northern Sea Route is a shipping route and the main sea communication in the Russian Arctic. One of Rosatom’s strategic goals is to make the Northern Sea Route an effective transport artery connecting Europe, Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.


Russia has the world's only nuclear-powered icebreaking fleet whose task is to ensure the national presence in the Arctic based on advanced nuclear achievements. The actual development of the Far North began with the fleet creation.


The Northern Sea Route General Administration, Federal State Budgetary Institution (NSR General Administration FSBI) was established by the Russian Government Order No. 2019-р dated July 23, 2022. The main task of the Administration is to organize navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route (NSR). NSR General Administration FSBI solves the following tasks: organization of icebreaking assistance and escort of ships along the navigation routes in the NSR water area, as well as the development of a navigation route and placement of icebreaker fleet vessels in the NSR water area, taking into account the hydrometeorological, ice and navigational situation in the NSR water area; issuance, suspension, renewal and termination of permits for navigation in the waters of the NSR, amendments to such permits. To solve these problems, the Administration places icebreaker fleet vessels in the water area of the NSR; monitors vessel traffic in the water area; provides information on hydrometeorological, ice and navigation conditions; receives information from the vessels.


The comprehensive development of the Russian Arctic is one of the national strategic priorities. To increase the traffic along the Northern Sea Route is of paramount importance for solving the tasks set in the area of goods transportation and delivery. The development of this logistics passage is ensured through the organization of regular cargo transportation, construction of new nuclear-powered icebreakers and modernization of the relevant infrastructure. Rosatom takes an active part in this work.

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