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Nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput to perform two round trips from St. Petersburg to the ports of the Far East 02.02.2023

Nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput to perform two round trips from St. Petersburg to the ports of the Far East

Atomflot has formulated proposals including the best possible periods for two subsidized coastal voyages of the nuclear container ship “Sevmorput” from the port of St. Petersburg to the ports of the Far East during the summer-autumn navigation of 2023. The first and the second voyages are planned to leave St. Petersburg in the third decade of June and in the third decade of September, respectively.
  “The creation of a potential cargo base is currently underway in Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Vostochny, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,” said Leonid Irlitsa, Acting Director General of Atomflot. “The vessel is planned to leave the European part of Russia for the port of Vostochny and Vladivostok, and then call at the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Last year, we confirmed our readiness to work within the established deadlines, transport oversized cargo and even cooperate with physical entities. To ensure the economic efficiency of a coastal voyage, it is important to ensure the return loading of the vessel.”
Subsidized coastal voyages are made within the federal project " the Northern Sea Route Development" under the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization and Expansion of the Main Infrastructure.
The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic announced Atomflot the winner of the selection for subsidized round coastal voyages from the European Russia to the regions of the Far East in 2022. As part of the task, two round voyages were made from the ports in the European part of the Russian Federation to the Far Eastern ports in 2022.
Russia sees the comprehensive development of the Arctic as one of its national strategic priorities. The increase of the traffic along the Northern Sea Route is of paramount importance for the tasks set in the area of goods transportation and delivery. The development of this logistics corridor is ensured through regular cargo transportation, the construction of new nuclear-powered icebreakers and modernization of the associated infrastructure. Rosatom companies take an active part in this work.
In 2022, as part of its round coastal voyages, the crew of the nuclear container ship “Sevmorput” delivered fish products.
To establish an economically justified tariff for the transportation of containerized cargo, including refrigerators with fish products along the Northern Sea Route, the cost of transporting containers by rail between the European Russia and the Far East is used as an indicator. The tariffs are set for the transportation of 20 and 40-foot containers, without taking into account loading and unloading at the ports of departure and delivery.
Consignors show great interest in regular coastal voyages. Large Russian transport companies and consignors participated in the transportation. General cargo and containers with various products were transported. Among others, Dalreftrans LLC delivered frozen crab of Antey from Murmansk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on board the nuclear container ship “Sevmorput”. The fish products of Norebo was transported by the return voyage.
The transportation of fish products from the Far East to the central regions of the Russian Federation through the ports of Murmansk and St. Petersburg is an important direction in the development of coastal container transportation along the Northern Sea Route.

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